The Alvechurch Radical String Ensemble meets fortnightly, from 2:30 to 4:30pm. at Alvechurch Sports & Social Club. Here we gather to give our growing repertoire the ukulele treatment and to add a sprinkling of our very own magic. There is ample car parking and the bar is open all afternoon. We welcome new members, be they experienced players or complete novices - in fact we actively search them out! Come and joins us!

New members are very welcome to come and sit in on a free session see how they get on.


The Alvechurch Radical String Ensemble is no ordinary ukulele group. You won't simply be handed a song book and invited to strum along. This isn't a sink-or-swim playalong, fun though they can be. Every song is arranged and practiced collaboratively. Some songs feature multiple parts for ukulele players of different abilities. We share skills and extend them just a little more with each session.

A.R.S.E. sessions aren't lessons, but they are definitely about learning, often with a beer, a glass of wine or a bit a of cake. Not quite a "course" and yet certainly not a jam session.

We involve all players, from complete beginners to experienced musicians. No matter what your skill level is we give you something meaningful to do, even if you're still on your first chord.

We sing. In fact we have great singers in our group. We harmonise. We arrange our vocal parts. We put together songs so that they are a pleasure to listen to and perform.

We perform. There's no pressure to take to the stage in front of an audience, but for those who want to we provide the opportunity to share what what we do, usually in front of the polite and supportive crowd at Alvechurch Acoustic Roots.

In 2017/18 membership of the group also includes FREE ACCESS to a new series of online training and support material. The standard price of this is £90. Members get it for £NOTHING!

In 2018 A.R.S.E. is invited to perform at the all new Upton Ukulele Festival. The stage is booked. We'll be on it! Performances by a number of notable ukulele acts are on the cards along with a workshop programme, and of course spots for community ukulele groups like ours. 

Upton is already the home of successful folk and blues festivals. If things go to plan 2018 will see the launch of the Upton Ukulele Festival.
The Royal Agricultural College is the venue for the first of our weekend residentials in Spring 2018.

Spring 2018 sees the first of our Ukulele Residential at the lovely Royal Agricultural University in the Cotswolds. A.R.S.E. members get a 10% discount!